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2011-03-21 US at Loews
The Founders of High Vibe Studio:


Author, Speaker, Host,

Orgonite Designer, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Councilor, Master Success Coach


Film Maker, Director,

Audio Designer, Editor, Photographer

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Horizon Go_HVS Twtr Handle_edited
indigo art
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Angels of Abundance meme_HVS Handle

Bradford is a conscious film maker specializing in socially relevant and spiritual subjects. He is a proponent of ecologically sound production practices and inspiring grassroots social change through multi-media platforms.


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Jennifer is the founder of Indigo Vision Coaching™, an accomplished teacher, coach & author. Over the course of her career Jennifer has coached and addressed thousands of people in the U.S., Canada and Europe. She is a certified practitioner of many healing modalities and coaching methods. She provides a safe space for her clients to experience a dynamic expansion of consciousness.


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